The Guild membership represents a wide cross-section of basket weaving abilities; from beginner to advanced. All have a love of basketry and everyone is made to feel welcome. We cordially invite you to join us!


Your check for the annual dues of $20 should be made payable to the Central Pennsylvania Basket Weavers' Guild and mailed Donna Kumpf, our membership chair.
Some of our members have been basket weavers for quite a few years. They've attended seminars and conventions in North Carolina, Michigan and elsewhere.  Many of us have taken classes with exceptional weavers and teachers. Our special interests are quite varied and include round reed, ribbed, Shaker style, black ash, Nantucket baskets and miniatures among others.

In selecting monthly programs for our Guild, our program committee works within the constraint of weavers with varied skill levels and backgrounds. We endeavor to offer a variety of learning experiences: material, shape, weave, etc. - and to afford a teaching experience to our Guild members.

We see the Guild as being the entry into the field of basket weaving. Anyone interested in making baskets can learn the language, the techniques, and the possibitities of the craft, either functional or as an art form. This may lead to a multi-day craft school or seminar sponsored by a state organization. At any rate it can provide a stimulating and rewarding lifelong activity.

Experienced basket weavers, while they may not learn much from some Guild projects, can certainly benefit from the enthusiasm and fellowship found in Guild meetings. In addition, it may be a training ground for teaching weaving skills. Not all weavers are good teachers!

Our programs should reflect the interests of our members, in order to maintain the enthusiasm. By "show and tell" and looking at pattern books at the meetings, we hope to spark the interest of our members, some of whom may not know what a vast field basket weaving covers.
Central Pennsylvania Basket Weavers' Guild

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